Excerpt from My In-Progress Fiction Novel

Hello! I thought I would motivate myself to start writing my novel again by writing a small excerpt from it on here. This is from much later in the book than where I am, but it’s always nice to know where the story is going in the future.


His face was contorted into something grotesque and painful. The gun dropped from his hands as they gripped the sides of his head. I tried to look away, but I was transfixed on his eyes. They were bulging from his skull, looking terrified. They slowly rolled to the back of his head as he fell over. He hit the ground with a thud, blood flowing from his eyes and ears.

My hands were shaking. I tore my gaze from him and looked around. No one else was anywhere in sight. I turned back to him and felt my heart beat faster.

It was me. I had done that to him.

He was trying to kill me, so of course I would defend myself. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all part of human nature. Plus, he threatened the life of my best friend. I wasn’t going to back down from that.

I had no idea that I was able to do that. I shouldn’t be able to hurt someone in that way, just read their immediate thoughts. It couldn’t have been me. There has to be someone else around here.

Even as I looked around for the tenth time, I knew that no one would be coming out to claim their kill.

I was the killer.


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