Writing is Hard

Everyone in the professional writing world says to make yourself write every day. It helps keep your creativity running and helps you get into a zone where you will write when you need to. It’s just so hard to do.

First, I’m a college student, so when I get done with classes, I don’t want to think about doing more writing. Usually, I want to do something like play video games or watch TV, anything to get my mind off of school. Plus, I’m a creative writing minor, so I get lots of writing in anyway.

Second, when I sit down to write, I usually write a lot if I’m in the mood. Other times, I’ll sit down and literally nothing will come out. The funny thing is that if I’m writing something for school that has a deadline, I tend to write it with little to no problem. Maybe I just need a deadline to make me write.

Third, I’m honestly just lazy. The amount of times I’ve started a new story is astonishing. I tend to get bored with the story I’m writing or I find that it’s not going anywhere, so I start again with something new. There are a couple of stories I always seem to come back to, but I never finish them. Also, there’s one story that I started a sequel on when I haven’t even finished the first story. I know how it ends, it’s just the getting there that’s difficult. I really want to finish it, but it’s on my laptop which isn’t currently with me. I think that’s preventing me from writing more to the sequel, which I started the other day.

I guess I really answered my own question while writing this. I need to set goals for myself and stick with them. For now, it will just be writing a certain amount every day. I’m going to start off small, say like 500 words or so. I think I’m also going to set long-term goals, like finishing a certain amount of my novel by a certain time. I could even say that I want the other novel done by the new year, which gives me a couple of months. Then, I won’t touch it for a little while before editing, which will be tons of fun. Since I haven’t actually finished a novel like that, it’s going to be an adventure.

For anyone out there who has the same issues as me, I hope we can both push past them and make this work. Writing has always been a huge part of my life and I don’t want to let it waste away.


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