Recommended Book – Paper Towns

John Green has written quite a few young adult fiction books. After the huge hit The Fault In Our Stars movie was, Paper Towns is the next movie adaption coming to theaters.

Paper Towns is a mystery about a senior in high school named Quentin (nickname Q) and the girl Margo he’s been in love with for a very long time. The girl takes off one day, leaving behind clues as to where she might be. Her parents don’t bother trying to find her, since it was not the first time she had run away. It is left up to Q to find Margo.

If anyone is looking for the kind of heartbreaking story that was The Fault In Our Stars, that is not what this book is. It is not primarily a love story either, though that is what drives the main character to search for Margo. It is a mystery that really makes you think. Overall, it is a good book for someone who may not want to read just another love story.


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