Recommended Textbook: The Hollywood Standard 2nd Edition

Since I didn’t get into the creative writing course that I wanted, I decided to take a screenwriting course. With that course, our required text was Christopher Riley’s The Hollywood Standard, 2nd edition.

This book is very simple to understand. It is a useful guide whether you are a new screenwriter or one with experience. At the beginning of the book, it has a quick start guide which goes through the basics of writing a screenplay. From just reading that part, anyone could easily start a screenplay.

Most of the book gets into more specific things on writing a screenplay, like writing for a single camera versus multiple cameras. Along with showing how to write something, it also gives examples on what not to write, which can be very helpful.

At the end of the book, it gives samples of scripts for single and multiple camera angles.

Overall, this book is a good companion to anyone who wants to try out screenwriting and see if it is for them.


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