Recommended Book – The Pendragon Series

Since this series has ten books, I’ll be recommending all of them. This is a series I read way back in middle school and recently started reading again. I must say, this series is just as good as it was seven years ago.

This series, written by D. J. MacHale, is a fantasy series about a boy named Bobby Pendragon. His Uncle Press reveals to him that he is what they call a traveler. There are these things called gates where a traveler can pass through to go to a different territory, which is essentially another world. There are approximately ten different territories. The reason he needs to travel to these territories is to stop the antagonist, Saint Dane, from destroying the territories. He doesn’t attack them head on, however. He creates a domino effect which ultimately makes the territories destroy themselves.

Even if you normally don’t read fantasy, I still think you should read these books. There are so many characters and they are all unique in their own way. There are many strong female characters, right from the start of the first book. The worlds the author creates feel like they could exist, even though you know they don’t.

I hope you consider reading, and if you do, I hope you enjoy them.


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